Concealed Carry Permit CCW Courses

Don’t be a victim!


Class is one day, ten hours of fun and informative class, and two hours range time. We break every hour and break for lunch.


This covers the NRA Basic Pistol Course, and Ohio Laws for Carrying a Concealed Firearm.


· This course uses real world concealed carry guns.

· Learn the correct and legal ways to carry a firearm.

· Learn how to legally protect yourself and your family.

· Learn how to pick a firearm and holster that works for you.


The instructors for this course are:

N.R.A. National Rifle Association trained instructor,

Honorably discharged U.S.A.F. Military Police,

Attended R.A.C.S Realistic Advanced Combat Seminar,

Trained at T.D.I Tactical Defense Institute,

Current local Ohio Law Enforcement.

Classes are $99.00

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